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Crescent City Harbor District

The Crescent City Harbor District (CCHD) was formed as a public entity in 1931 to manage the land and water areas of the Harbor, including the development and improvements of the Harbor District property and to maintain the marina and related facilities.

CCHD plays an important role in supporting the county’s economic health through job creation, business development, commercial activities and tourism. CCHD encompasses approximately 35 acres of land adjacent to Crescent City, which is the only incorporated city in Del Norte County. Crescent City is located on the northern California coast, approximately 350 miles north of San Francisco. The marina was completely rebuilt in 2013 and is the only tsunami-resistant harbor in California. CCHD has facilities supporting commercial fishing, sport fishing and recreational boating, including one of the largest Dungeness Crab fisheries on the west coast. CCHD has retail and commercial businesses, marine supplies and facilities supporting tourism activities.

Harbor Infrastructure Project

In December 2020, after responding to an RFP, Renewable Energy Capital, LLC (REC) was awarded the development rights for the Crescent City Harbor District Redevelopment Project, located in Del Norte County, California. The CCHD Redevelopment Plan focuses on building new infrastructure and facilities on the 35 acres of harbor property. REC will focus on building new infrastructure and facilities that will directly increase tourism revenue for the county and CCHD. The Redevelopment Plan will be executed in phases and is currently estimated to cost between $40 to $50 million. REC will provide all of the development services and capital for the CCHD Redevelopment project.


Solar PPA

On November 21, 2017, REC signed a 25-year solar PPA agreement with Crescent City Harbor District. The one (1) MW solar system will be built in phases as the harbor is developed. The solar system will be located onsite via a combination of Roof Top and Canopy. CCHD is seeking to become the first Green Harbor in California by producing 100% of its power onsite with solar. REC commissioned the first phase (577KW) in Nov. 2020.

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