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About Us

REC Infrastructure Fund, (REC Fund) provides project development services and capital for institutional infrastructure projects. REC Fund designs, builds and finances Social and Economic Infrastructure.  


Infrastructure can be defined as the facilities and systems that serve the citizens of a city, county or state. This includes all of the services and facilities necessary for its economy, households, government and businesses to function.

REC Fund provides development services and capital for two types of infrastructure projects:


  • Social Infrastructure, which includes schools, affordable housing and hospitals.

  • Economic Infrastructure, which includes transportation, communication, water, wastewater, airports, harbors, ports and power.


Through a subsidiary company, Solar PPA Fund, REC Fund offers long-term Power Purchase Agreements, tax equity, equity and debt capital for solar PV projects that can be used to finance other infrastructure. Solar PPA Fund provides turnkey development services, risk capital and financing to institutional power buyers. Since 2012, Solar PPA Fund has offered project development services and financing for wholesale utility scale Solar PV projects in the PJM and MISO U.S. power markets.                                                             

REC Fund’s clients include cities, counties, government agencies, municipal utilities, Power Co-ops and publicly traded utility companies in the U.S. power markets. Our management team has over 10 years of Solar financing experience and 25 years of securities/ investment banking experience.

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